KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.

Health Direct Pharmacy Services provides integrated pharmacy services to long term care and correctional facilities. 

For more than four decades, Health Direct Pharmacy Services has been providing state and county correctional facilities, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, and group homes with the most progressive integrated pharmacy services available. We offer clients customized pharmacy services to meet their diverse needs and we are 100% committed to exceeding the industry standard for service.

As the industry leader in using technology to enhance our service offer, we excel at providing overall solutions for cost effective management of long-term care and alternative care pharmacy needs. Our industry-leading Account Management and Integration Solutions allow us to break apart from the “cookie-cutter” approach, giving more flexibility and customization to the services appreciated by our customers.

Our highly experienced team members provide unmatched response, care, and service to help optimize the facility-pharmacy relationship and communications, allowing clients to focus more time and attention on those they serve. Leveraging our extensive experience as a full-service pharmacy provider, we have been able to step away from the conventional vendor concept and into the realm of a true partner.

Company Facts

  • Over 40 years of experience as a long term pharmacy 
  • Operates pharmacies in New York, Vermont, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois 
  • Holds an annual member satisfaction rate of 99% 
  • Employee owned 

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